Reiki Training Certification Course


Reiki Training In-Person Workshop Schedule

Start Learning Reiki and Make It Your New Age Career

Reiki Level 1March 09, 202411 am to 6 pm46th Avenue,
Vancouver, Canada
Certificate, Course material, Meditations 
Reiki Level 2March 16, 202411 am to 6 pmCertificate, Course material, Meditations 
Reiki Level 3March 23, 202411 am to 6 pmCertificate, Course material, Meditations 
Past Life Regression- Group SessionMarch 30, 202412 noon to 2 pm 

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Venue: 46th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada 

For more information, Contact at +1 236 858 4446.


Prior Registration is Mandatory.


You may visit Divine Health Clinic for consultation (strictly by appointment).

For further inquiry, please contact on the cell number mentioned above.

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