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The Ultimate Destination To Self Love

My Mother- My Soul Mate

  You must be surprised after reading the title of my blog ‘My Mother- My Soul Mate’. What do you think, who is your soul mate? Your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend or the person you met once and it seemed you met him/her earlier too? A soul mate is a person with whom you feel…
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Your Past Life’s Pain Can Make You Cry Now!

  It was an afternoon of summers. Vikas came to me for his past life regression just to experience it and to know “Does a past life exist, really???”. That was the beginning time of my research and he was my first client. I tried my best ponder all my energy and knowledge with great…
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Passion For Music Dragged Her To Another Life

A music lover, not only lover but passionate for music, came to regress herself with curiosity to know her connection with music in her past life/lives.  It was a spring afternoon when I started to regress her after a detailed counselling a day before. Her name was Jasspreet Kaur in her present life. Being a…
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Expectations Snatch Happiness

    Our relationships get affected by our desires and expectations. Its really hard not to expect anything from your relationships but trust me if you cross this most difficult step, you will be never get affected by the feeling that no one understands your feelings. Do not try to control someone’s life. You have…
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I Chose Loneliness OR Loneliness Had Chosen Me…Long Ago

    Its a real story of a woman who is alone because loneliness has always been with her for long long ago. She has been married to a man whose presence never accomplished her relationship with him. What could she expect from a drug addict. Although she loved him from the core of her…
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Who Live More Blissful Lives Than Others?

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.” Gautam Buddha   Today, my post is not about a story, a true story: true stories that I usually write in most of my blogs are exerted from the Past…
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Present Life’s Relief Was Hidden in Past Life

My all stories are true interpretations of my personal experiences I gain from people who come to me for Past Life Regression Therapy and get relieved from their physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual problems with the help of this unique therapy. The story that I am describing here is of an Indian woman whose depression…
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Instant Relief From Anger

Anger/Sadness Release Technique: Instant Relief Within 5 Minutes   Lovingly talking to someone enhances dopamine (the happy hormones) not only in the person you’re talking to but in your mind as well. It’s hard to do that when you’re not in a good mood or when you feel down or distressed. Let me tell you…
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