My Mother- My Soul Mate

My Mother- My Soul Mate


You must be surprised after reading the title of my blog ‘My Mother- My Soul Mate’. What do you think, who is your soul mate? Your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend or the person you met once and it seemed you met him/her earlier too?

A soul mate is a person with whom you feel an illogical connection, a feeling that enables you feel the same as that person feels, a heart to heart or soul to soul connection which seems to continue since centuries. Yes, when you feel this connection with a person, that is your Soul Mate. That could be your mother, your father, your sister, daughter, son or your life partner.

I have very strong connection with my mother. She is my best friend and best guide. I came to know that mother was my soul mate when I first regressed her into past life. After enlighting some lamps and starting a low volume relaxing music, I started hypnotizing her. After a few minutes she went into a deep trance state.  When you go to you past life, you can use any or all your five senses. It all depends upon how deepen you go into your subconscious level that you feel yourself in you past life’s body or you just vivid that life like watching a movie. She saw darkness. Nothing was viable but she could felt the suffocation in that environment. “I am in a cave…hiding from someone” She replied when I asked her where she was. She didn’t know from whom she was hiding. “I can see my paws” she exclaimed. Her eyes were closed but I could see her eye balls moving under her eyelids as if she was trying to recognize herself. “Paws??” I was surprised! She was an animal. She ran hurriedly from the cave as if some big animal was chasing her. She succeeded in escaping herself. She saw beautiful forest, trees and her companions to play with. She was not able to recognize which animal she was. She explained later that she could saw her legs and paws only while running and escaping herself from a beast. This happens when a someone transform oneself into that body. His/her subconsciousness completely involved into that memory and thus into that body. That was all about her that life. She wanted to view more.

I instructed her to go to another lifetime. “I’ve worn black shoes and a skirt…its like school uniform. Yes! I’m at my school. I’m in 9th std. I love to study..I’m with my friend” she exclaimed with joy because in present life also, she loves to study. Her name was Kenifa and her friend’s name was Suizila. She lived with her mother who was a working woman. Her father was living separate because he got married to another woman. There were her grandparents too living with her. My mother wanted to go to Oxford University, London for higher studies in her past life but she had to obey her elders and got married. Same pattern repeated with her at present life, she had to sacrifice her studies for her family and got married at the age of 15 years. Alas!

‘Northern’,  a place where my mother lived in her past life. I had never heard about that place before nor did my mother but that place exists. The amazing thing was that her mother was same as in present life and her lovable elder brother in this life was her younger brother of 7- 8 years old when she was about 15 years old. She got a ‘bad man’ as her husband as she described but later that man became a good and caring husband. She was blessed with two sons.

Here, comes the twist in the story.  She exclaimed with joy, but with closed eyes, when I took her to her near to death time in that past life, “Nitu, my grand daughter! and Ravi, my grandson!”. Me and my brother Ravi were her grandchildren in that lifetime. It seemed to be the most happiest moment of her that life when she saw us because after that moment she was relaxed and died peacefully.

Soul come again to find another soul, the soul which gives you peace and harmony.


Nitu Dhiman











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