Present Life’s Relief Was Hidden in Past Life

Present Life’s Relief Was Hidden in Past Life

My all stories are true interpretations of my personal experiences I gain from people who come to me for Past Life Regression Therapy and get relieved from their physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual problems with the help of this unique therapy. The story that I am describing here is of an Indian woman whose depression has been emerged from her non-satisfactory life but from where this non-satisfaction term appeared in her life? To find the answer of this question, I take her to her past life after her psychological counseling.



“What a worthless life that I am living! My husband is extremely stroppy and heartless, never understands my feelings, never even tries to. The most disgusting thing in my life is my house. Its in the heart of the city but its an old city, jammed with narrow streets, old and craggy houses, open drainage, stinky and annoying people who always try to put their nose in others’ matters. My house is so tiny that it is too laborious to get fresh air there. Sometimes, I feel that the whole house will fall on me and I would be crushed. I feel, my lungs are choked and I am helpless to even tell someone. This happens especially in summer season when temperature in my town rises to 48-49 degree Celsius. Oh my God! Can you believe this? How a person can survive in such awful conditions? This is not all, I believe that I am the most unhappy woman in the world because my three children, who are my biggest strength to live this this burdensome life, are not happy in their lives. There are so many other small-small issues…what to do? How to be satisfied for whatever I have?” Mrs Meera outburst the moment I tried to identify her actual problem in her life. I asked her why she needs a Past Life Regression Session. Her answer was not only absurd but also witty for me. “I want to know if I was a queen or princess in any of my past life, so that I would be satisfied to know that at least in my past life, my life was worth living. I request you…please bring me to my that past life in which I might be a queen.”


I chuckled and clarified to her that its not in the therapist’s hands to take you to any specific life. I can’t create a life for you to imagine and experience it to be happy. I show you the path, I guide you but which path you choose or which life you see and experience is absolutely lies in your subconscious mind. It will take you to the journey of your past life because the memories are still stored there, in your subconscious mind, not in my conscious mind. 

Within a few minutes of guidance, she went into a deep trance state and found herself in a University. “I’ve worn a trouser, blue shirt and ragged sandals. Oh my Gosh! I’m a boy! How could I?” I said,”Its okay! Whenever a soul reincarnates, it emerges in a new body…that body can be of a male or of a female. Now tell me, what do you study there? Do you have something like some books in your hands? Which university is this? Any idea?” She replied, “Yes, I have some books in my hands..” “Try to read the name of your book or the name of the author of that book.” I instructed. “Its P…H…Y..S..I…C…S..” She tried to read the alphabets because she was not much qualified in her current life. “Oh! Its Physics. So, you study Physics here…tell me more.” I guided her further. Her eyes started fluttering under her eyelids as if she was trying to scan those images coming in her subconscious mind in fragments, “I’m standing in a corridor…no one is here with me..I don’t have any friends. I’m looking for my professor. Professor Bhatnagar..yes..Prof Bhatnagar teaches me…I’ve found him..talking to him about his lecture…that’s it.”

She was not able to recognize her university where she studied in her past life during her visit there. Therefore, I decided to take her to her home in her that specific past life. “Its a very dirty and tiny house. It seems like a beggar’s home…my room is so small and dark with stinky smell…there is one folding single bed and a chair…a table and some books…Lucknow University…I study there…” I didn’t ask about her university but she recognized after seeing some more books or sometimes memory triggered unwillingly and instantly without even remembering about that specifically. “…my mother is there. She works as a house maid in different different homes for our survival.” She seemed to be very sad. When I asked about her father in that life, she replied with tears in her closed eyes,”I’m an illegitimate child, an whoreson…that’s why no accepts us in society..that’s why I have no friends…that’s why people abuse me with bad names..that’s why I’m all alone..” Tears started rolling down from her eyes. I could see the expression of sadness on her face and could feel the sigh of lonesomeness she released. I wiped off her tears with tissues near the regression couch.


I always keep those tissues near to my regression couch whenever I start regressing people because people release their pain in the form of tears which they suppressed for years and that suppression cause physical, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual problems and diseases. When they release that pain in the form of tears, the root cause of any of their diseases or stress goes instantly. The patient feels so much relaxed as if some heavy weight on his/her shoulder has lifted up. 

Same was happening with Meera.

She was releasing her pain through her tears. I tried to take her further in her past life but she refused to go. She wanted to come back in her present life. An instant sharp pain in her head was also not supporting her. Therefore, I decided to take her back. I spent a few moments in consoling and relaxing her to slash down her grief to some extent. In this way, I tried to soothe her headache. I, then, took her back in her current life, alert and awake.

I always explain before regressing people that they can come back whenever they want or whenever they feel uncomfortable in any of the situations in their past lives. I, usually, demand some time to get them relaxed, so that they should not come back by carrying any kind of pain or grief with them.

Meera, when waked, was silent for some moments. After a short span of silence, she spoke with a spark in her eyes, “How stupid I am! I’ve everything now..I don’t know I deserve those things or not but I know that I’m the happiest woman on earth. I’m having the love of my family, my children, care of my near and dear ones, my reputation in society and most importantly, God has gifted me invaluable treasure of good health, rightly functioned body organs, a healthy mind. What is the worth of that immeasurable wealth if we can’t buy a natural organ we are born with. Now, I know the worth of life which I finished myself in my past life.” “What!” my obvious reaction. “Yes, I committed suicide when I felt that my life became unbearable for me…and that was my biggest mistake…we have no right to finish our lives…that is wrong ..but now I’ve recognized the real value of life given to us…” The surprising transformation in thoughts of Meera was incredibly astonishing.  A new Meera was in front of me, a confident Meera, a sensible Meera with positive attitude towards her life. She had learnt the most important lesson of life.

We all come here for a purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, we are upgraded to next standard, like we all are in a school and we all have to graduate. Graduation, here probably means learning the most important lesson of life and till then we have to incarnate again and again. Every life, given to us, is not to bear a punishment for whatever we did in our past life/lives but for a lesson to learn, to become more wise and positive. 

Stay positive, stay blessed!!!


Nitu Dhiman






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