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“I feel that my greatest strengths are firstly my self-motivating spirit which encourages me to go on and take as well as try my best to complete the challenging projects. Secondly my ability to remain calm in stressful situations and reassure myself that everything will be fine and I have to do it. Thirdly and most importantly my enthusiasm to contribute my knowledge, research and my ability to save as many lives as I can, suffering from psychological illness or problems that, I think, can be cured invariably with the help of my successful research in Psychology.”  Nitu Dhiman

Divine Health Clinic is run by Ms Nitu Dhiman. She is a certified Psychologist and a Psychotherapist as well. She is an M.A. and M.Phil. in Cognitive Psychology from H.P. University, Shimla and Calorx Teachers’ University, Ahmedabad respectively. In addition, she is a certified Hypnotist, Certified Theta (DNA) Healing Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Grand Master, Crystal Therapist, Angel Card Reader and an Angel Therapist. She is an experienced therapist, specialized in relationship counseling and couple therapy with more than 10 years of experience.

Being a Research Scholar, she has done great research on Psychotherapy and doing more for her PhD, so that people can be benefited from an unknown or rarely known phenomenon of ‘Being Happy‘. Everyone wants to be happy but how? Instead of taking lots of medicines for your physical, emotional or psychological problems, one can be cured through Psychotherapy. Yes, that’s true…you can be treated without even a single dose of medication.

She does the treatment of people suffering from depression, suicidal feelings, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, Drug Addiction or any other addictive behavior, stress, panic attacks, severe headache or migraine, karmic patterns, psychic attack, hallucination, different kinds of Phobias, several mental disorders, asthma, fear & anxiety, relationship issues, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and over-thinking (mind surrounded by and filled with negative thoughts or negative energies) and some physical ailments as well, through counseling sessions, psychotherapies, spiritual healing therapies, Hypnotherapy and PLR therapy (Past Life Regression). She believes not in curing your problem temporarily, instead of that she believes in eliminating her patient’s problems, emotional or psychological, from his/her mind and life forever. She believes in combining the scientific and holistic approaches of treatment. She is a famous blogger. Her blogs are appreciated worldwide. Read her blogs to know her patients’ real life stories who have experienced their past lives at her clinic and have been treated successfully, in fact miraculously.

Additionally, she has been blessed since her childhood. She is a born clairvoyant. Since her childhood, she has been noticing the presence of angels and spirit guides around her but she has never been able to understand those experiences until she has realized their positive impact on her life. Afterwards, she has learnt the Angel Therapy and Angel Card Reading. She is then aware of their presence, their guidance and their connection with herself. She believes that her guardian angels always guide her whenever she asks for their help and they do so with everyone whosoever asks for their help. She wants to utilize her God gift for people suffering from mental pressures, psychological disorders and emotional weaknesses. Through her Angels’ guidance, she can guide you to take right decision when you are not able to do so. She is very humble and polite. She deduces that the peace, contentment and happiness lie inside a human being, we just need to know the method to find this treasure inside us. Contact her to know that method.


She does her private practice at her own clinic and provides services on:

1) Psychological Counseling (Relationship, Teenage, Marriage counselings and  couple Therapy)

(Online/telephonic counseling is also provided)

2) Past Life Regression Therapy

3) Future Life Progression Therapy

4) Reiki Healing

5) Hypnotherapy

6) Chakra Healing

7) Psychotherapies (Like EMDR, EFT, CBT) 

8) Meditation

9) Reiki & Dowsing Classes

10) Angel Card Reading

11) Angel Therapy




Email: info@psychotherapistnitu.com

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Contact for Appointment:

WhatsApp Call/Text only for India: +91 987 623 1991 

Call/iMessage/WhatsApp for Canada & USA: +1 236 858 4446

Email: info@psychotherapistnitu.com


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