Passion For Music Dragged Her To Another Life

Passion For Music Dragged Her To Another Life

A music lover, not only lover but passionate for music, came to regress herself with curiosity to know her connection with music in her past life/lives.  It was a spring afternoon when I started to regress her after a detailed counselling a day before. Her name was Jasspreet Kaur in her present life. Being a Punjabi girl, she hardly spoke Hindi. In fact, Hindi seemed to be more difficult than English for her as she stated. After going in to a complete trance state, she elaborated her whole past life in Hindi language and I am going to describe it in English for better understanding to all my readers.

“We are going to somewhere…me and my group(Mandali)…..we are in a train” she elaborated. “Where are you going? What kind of group is that?” I was curious to know when I heard her speaking some typical Hindi words. “I don’t know…we are in a train…I have worn a ‘Sari’…” she continued without asking about her dress. She defined further,”Each one in my group has musical instrument…I too have ‘Sitar’ with me.” Her journey in that train ended when she saw herself coming down from the train at a station. “Many people have come to receive me…Shivranjini has also come.” A new name was there in her subconscious mind and I was obviously eager to ask, “Who is Shivranjini? How do you know her?” She explained,”She organizes my musical programs…she has worn a white ‘sari’ with broad dark red colored boarder..” This kind of traditional Indian dress called ‘Sari’ is worn by women in West Bengal, where she has never been to, in her present life. I pretended to be unaware of this fact and asked,”Where are you now? Try to read the name of the station. It must be displayed somewhere at the railway station itself.” She responded instantaneously “Its very crowded…people are excited to see me…I am very famous here too…” I wanted to know, “Where?” She continued “here…in Kolkata (Capital of West Bengal, India).”

A ravishing royal ‘Baghi’ (Royal Indian horse cart) was waiting for her outside the railway station, along with Guruji (Her music teacher). A music teacher is recognized as a very prestigious and respectable personality in India and the students call him/her by ‘Guruji’ instead of his/her name. I wanted to know her name in this life and she was seemed to be very close to Guruji. So, I inquired, “By what name your Guruji calling you?” Her eyes were fluttering under her eyelids as if she was scanning the scene while meeting with her Guruji “Baccha!…Guruji is calling me baccha…(baccha means dear-daughter like girl in India)…he is my music teacher now!” Her Guruji in her past life is her music teacher in her current life. How amazing it was!

I then took her to the musical program for which she had come there. “It is a ‘Sangeet Sammelan’ (name of the program in Hindi). Preparations for the program is going on…the program is going to be held by tomorrow…I am waiting for someone…he is my fiance…Eklavya…his name is Eklavya. He has come! he is too…..a singer like me..but popular than me…he is from Gujrat..he loves me…so do I.” She shouted with excitement. “What is the time now? Can you see any watch there?” I asked and she replied,”Its 1:30 pm.”

At the time of regression, our conscious mind has a deep connection with our subconscious mind. In this way the buried long term memories of our childhood and even far beyond that time (past life/lives) become alive like a movie playing in front of us or sometimes the person feel as if he/she is in that body. Any or all of our five senses can work at that time, we can feel, see, touch, smell or hear.

“Do you know Eklavya in your current life? Have you ever met him?” I had that question in my mind, so I asked but her answer was no! It was so because she was just 18 years old when I regressed her. She did not even has any boyfriend till that time. Her program was going to be held on January 1, 1800 something as she stated. She was not sure about the year. She was very happy with Eklavya. Both were on the stage to watch the preparations for their program. “Something has hit on my foot…Ah! I am not able to walk…Eklavya has helped me to sit on a chair on the stage. He is saying that I won’t be able to perform tomorrow…but I am fine. I will sing and perform tomorrow definitely…singing is my passion…even if I die, I can’t leave music.”, her words were defining her enthusiasm and dedication for music.


I took her to the day of performance. She and her fiance performed extremely well. She was filled with joy when she heard a big round of applause for herself and for her fiance, “I am so happy…people are clapping for us..Eklavya is also very happy…Oh God! This is our best performance and it is the biggest show I have ever done…this is the happiest day of my life..we are going to be ‘Sanmanit‘ (awarded) for our astonishing performance.” I left her for some moments to enjoy the happiness and joy of excitement of her successful performance which I could judge through her facial expressions. After some moments, I broke the silence,”Leave this moment now. It is over but your happiness will continue even after your therapy gets over. Music is your passion and the fulfillment of your passion gives you happiness, happiness is the most significant factor in life. You got the same happiness in your current life. As you told you love music in your current life, it has connected with your past life.  Now go ahead! See what happened next! Next most significant event of your life.” “We are in a boat…me and Eklavya…our hands are tied behind with a rope and we are blind folded. This is the same day when we performed at Kolkata…no its not day…I think it is night…they are going to kill us.” her scariness was reflecting through her facial expressions. “Who carried you to this boat? Who wants to kill you and why?” I inquired. “I don’t know her name but I know that she is jealous of me because I am famed in the music world of India and I am going to marry the handsome and eminent singer…she wants to kill me…because being a singer too, she is not as prominent as me…someone has thrown us in the ocean…those are her hired men…” she started gagging even in front of me. I guided her to leave that moment and watch that scene from the higher perspective. “I am floating. My body is in the ocean..Eklavya is also no more.” she was relaxed now. When I asked her, “What did you learn from this life?” , her reply was unexpected, “I have to continue my passion, my love for music.”

Aaradyana left her body but her soul came again in a new body with a new name Jaspreet, again passionate for music. Her passion for music dragged her to another life. Will her passion for music drag her to the path of success in this life or she has to reincarnate for her same dreams to come true? Time will tell her destiny but her Karmas and strong determination can even change her destiny. May God bless her with Happiness forever!


Nitu Dhiman






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