Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need A Counseling Session?

Sometimes you can not discuss your personal and emotional issues even with your near and dear ones. At that time, counseling helps. A Counselor is an unbiased person who properly listens to you and then gives your expert advice without judging you.

Are All My Details Kept Confidential?

Yes, all your details are kept confidential with the counselor cum therapist.

Which Therapy Do I Need?

You have to come for the counseling session first. All your problems and issues will be discussed in detail. After diagnosing your problem, Psychotherapist Dr Nitu will suggest you the best possible solution for your problem. Sometimes, some techniques are suggested that help you to improve your mental condition. Sometimes, some more counseling sessions are needed whereas many a times, some therapies are required to make change in your subconscious mind. Extremely powerful therapies are used by Dr Nitu that give instant and permanent result.



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