Those Who Live More Blissful Lives Than Others!

Those Who Live More Blissful Lives Than Others!

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

Gautam Buddha


Today, my post is not about a story, a true story: true stories that I usually write in most of my blogs are exerted from the Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapies, I personally do. This blog is about happiness, the real happiness that we think, depends upon our stereotypical beliefs. ‘Always pray facing East, Praying to God facing West denotes that you are Muslim, South facing house is not auspicious one…and the list goes on…!’

The great Saint Gautam Buddha discovered after years of meditation and oneness with God that distinction of directions create distinction in our minds. Leave spiritual beliefs, scientifically too, space has no directions, no east or no west. The planet we live on (Earth) and the planets we worship, all revolve on their own orbit in the Space with no directions of East, West, North or South. In addition, in some countries like Norway, the Sun rises in the North. Yes , I am talking about the places exist on planet Earth! Then why we give rise to prejudice.

Now the question is- how psychotherapy helps in building fairness and impartiality in our behavior and in our decision making which can give us pleasure of soul. Past Life Regression Therapy, a part of psychotherapy, takes our conscious and subconscious minds to the journey of our long term memories stored in our subconscious mind in present life as well as in past lives. Lives and bodies change but not the soul or mind. Our subconscious mind, during regression, glimpses or sometimes visualize completely some of our past lives. In the meanwhile our present conscious mind correlates the events, geographical locations, clothing, styles and other things to the knowledge it has gained in present life. The moment, someone visualize oneself in another religion or caste and race, that person’s state of mind influence one’s prejudice and stereotypes.

As for our children’s better performance, we have to check their past records, so that same mistakes would not be repeated again. In the same way, we must witness our mistakes that we had committed in our past lives not to feel the guilt but to rectify them, so that same mistakes would not be repeated to harm our or our near and dear ones’ lives and most importantly to learn a lesson for a more blissful life.

After reading this blog, if only one person feel a change in one’s attitude towards racism and stereotypes, I’ll be more than happy for the success of my writing.


Nitu Dhiman






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