Instant Relief From Anger

Instant Relief From Anger

Anger/Sadness Release Technique:

Instant Relief Within 5 Minutes


Lovingly talking to someone enhances dopamine (the happy hormones) not only in the person you’re talking to but in your mind as well. It’s hard to do that when you’re not in a good mood or when you feel down or distressed. Let me tell you a very simple and easy to do technique to cheer up within just five minutes. This technique is called the “Mirror Mirror on the wall” technique. Whenever you feel sad, agitated, angry or depressed, whether you’re alone or among people, just leave that place immediately and go to the washroom. Wash your face and hands, if your make up is smudge proof or you can just wash your hands. In this way you wash out the energy you are carrying from other people who are toxic for you. Then look into the mirror. Generally mirrors are there in every washroom, but if there isn’t a mirror, you have a smart phone… switch on your camera on selfie mode. Now, the mind manipulative technique starts.

Look at your third eye into the mirror or camera (between your eyebrows). This is an extremely effective method to hypnotise your own self. Keep looking at your third eye and say these words loudly, if Possible, otherwise in your mind, “I am Happy, I am Blessed. My life’s remote control is in my hands.” Repeat this statement 3 times and have a fake smile on your face while saying these words.

The scientific reason behind this is… First, when you smile, your mind secretes dopamine hormones and sends message to your subconscious that you’re happy, even if that smile is fake… and you start feeling happy without any reason.  Second, “I AM” are the magical words. Your subconscious starts accepting the words quickly whatever you say after “I AM”. According to the “Secret- The Law of Attraction” book, you become what you say after “I AM”. Third, by looking into your third eye into the mirror, your words along with your strong intentions hit directly at your subconscious. Our subconscious controls 95% of our mental and physical activities.

Try this and let the rest of the world know how effectively this technique worked on you.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!!!




Nitu Dhiman

Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist












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